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Real Results in Minutes | Team Training

Real Results in Minutes | Team Training

Spend the best 30 minutes of your day burning maximum fat and toning your entire body with our Team Training Afterburn workouts! Our unique sessions are the perfect blend of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) coupled with Active Rest Training that work your body to feel the burn long after your high-speed 30-minute workout is completed.

With a different workout each class, you’ll experience an endless combination of strength, cardio, boxing, and core work for specialized 30-minutes of work. Plus, our advanced heart rate monitor technology tracks your progress throughout each class and sends the results directly to your phone at the end of your workout. Wondering how each session works?

6 High-intensity Stations | 30 Minutes of Work | Hours of Afterburn

2 ½ minutes of training at each station with 1-minute active rest for your most effective 30- minute workout.

Program Skinny:

Trainer led | Private studio environment | Heart rate monitor technology | Metabolic results pinged to your phone




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